Everything You Need to Know About Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning 101

Have you heard of air duct cleaning but you’re not sure if it’s right for you? Are you worried about potentially wasting your time and money on something that might not do you or your home any good? Here’s everything you need to know about air duct cleaning to decide if it is right for you. If you have any other questions, call us at Core24 Services today. We would be happy to answer them and help you decide what would be best.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

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When we refer to your air ducts in this context, we are talking about all of the components of your HVAC system that air passes through. This includes your vents and ducts, as well as your cooling coils, drip pans, and more. 

When we clean them, we aim to remove any dust, allergens, debris, bacteria, fungus, and more that has collected in these areas. We do that through a combination of processes, which takes a little longer, but is more thorough than our competitors.

Why Is It Important To Have Ducts Cleaned Regularly?

Your air ducts are a key part of your HVAC system and the air quality inside your home or business. Your air ducts transport air throughout your property, keeping the area comfortable, but did you know air ducts attract dust and other contaminants? Even with an air filter, dust and other debris still enter your air ducts. Air duct cleaning is an essential part of your HVAC maintenance. Below, we will consider the reasons you should have your air ducts cleaned, and all dust removed.


If dust and dirt restrict your HVAC systems heating and cooling, it will cause the system to overwork itself. It will not be able to heat or cool properly, meaning it will keep running, as it tries to keep the temperatures where you want them. This not only increases your energy bill, but it puts stress on your HVAC system, meaning it may need frequent repairs.


With the airflow restricted from the dirt and dust your HVAC system kicks into overtime. All of this extra run time leads to damaged pumps, compressors, burners, hydro pumps, and motor bearings. All of these parts can be quite costly.


Dirt and dust are not the only things that can become trapped in your air ducts. Pet dander, dead skin, pollen, spores, rodent fees, and even microorganisms from kitty litter can become trapped in your ducts. This leads to a very unhealthy air quality inside your home. If you are noticing your family having more allergy symptoms or becoming ill easier, it could be your air ducts need cleaning. Air duct cleaning may improve allergy symptoms.

When Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned?

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If you can look at any of the components to your HVAC system and see dust, debris, or something growing, then it’s definitely time to have your ducts cleaned. Be sure to let your cleaners know what you saw, so they can attack that issue in particular.

If you or someone in your home struggles with asthma, allergies, or another lung/breathing condition, it is a good idea to schedule yearly duct cleanings, especially if you live in a dry, dusty place. Even if you don’t see things that could make these conditions worse when you look at your ducts, there’s a good chance that cleaner air would help the sufferer breathe better.

If you don’t have either of these going on, you can still schedule a duct cleaning. After all, it makes sense that dust would build up in the system over time and removing it can make the system work more efficiently, saving you money. However, if there’s not a problem, this is really up to you. People will say you need to have them cleaned at various frequencies, but there’s no hard and fast rule about how often to have it done if there aren’t any problems.

How Do I Find a Duct Cleaner?

Most HVAC companies will also clean your ducts if you ask them to, or you can find a company that specializes in duct cleaning. We at Core24 Services are always happy to do it for you, and we have experts on staff who specialize in providing this service. 

Do you think that your home could benefit from an air duct cleaning? Or maybe you have more questions before you decide for sure. Give us a call and we will connect you with a duct cleaning expert who will answer your questions or get those ducts clean for you. When you callCore24 Services, you know you’re getting the highest quality air duct cleaning, so you can breathe easier today with clean air coming in through your vents.


Duct Sealing

Duct Sealing

Are you uncomfortable in parts of your home but completely comfortable in others? Would you like to save money on heating and cooling but you’re not sure how?

If these describe you, then our new duct sealing service might be just the solution you’ve been looking for! Call today and one of our duct sealing professionals will be there fast to help you find solutions and implement them fast so you can get the most out of your heating and cooling systems again. 

What is Duct Sealing?

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If you have conventional heating and air conditioning, your system works by pumping air throughout your home via ducts. You can usually see your ducts in unfinished parts of your basement or possibly in your attic or your garage.

Over time, ducts can get small holes in them or separations between the pieces of metal that make them up. Your hot and cold air can escape out of these holes or cracks. When this happens, your heating and cooling systems have to work even harder to keep your home comfortable and they may fall behind.

Duct sealing fills in all of these tiny holes so that a much greater percentage of your hot and cold air makes it into your home, where you need it most.

How Does Duct Sealing Work?

We’ll come out and test your ducts first. Our duct sealing team will tell you how much air you’re losing via cracks or holes in your ducts. Then we’ll hook up the duct sealing system and pump its patented polymer into your system. It will bind with the edges of the holes, then bind with itself until the holes are filled.

When we’re done, we’ll check your system again and tell you how much more efficiently it is running. Many customers recoup their duct sealing costs in energy savings within a few months or a year!

Call us at Core24 Services today and ask about duct sealing! We’ll be there soon to assess your system and get it working at maximum efficiency ASAP. Make your appointment now!

Sewage Cleanup and Your Property

Sewage Cleanup and Your Property

Sewage is an extremely dangerous environmental hazard. Sewage backups can occur from a variety of causes, but the most common are a clogged or full septic systems, flooding, or clogged toilets. Sewage is rated in levels, but all sewage is hazardous to your health when it comes down to it. While clear water from your toilet may seem harmless, it can still contain viruses and bacteria.

Sewage Inside Your Home

If you have sewage inside the home, it is crucial that you remove your family and pets from the area. Even if the sewage has no smell and looks harmless, it can still make you incredibly ill. Core24 Services has the proper licenses and equipment to remove sewage from your property safely. We also have cleaning tools to ensure all bacteria and viruses are removed from the inside of your property.

Exterior Sewage

Sewage that is on the exterior of your home is often called raw sewage. This sewage will have a terrible smell and usually be brown or another darker color. This sewage is very dangerous. Sewage that is coming directly from your septic tank or broken sewage line contains viruses, bacteria, and pathogens that can cause illnesses. When dealing with exterior sewage, always call a certified professional. They have tools and equipment to remove the sewage and properly clean the area. If the sewage is not entirely removed and the area cleaned, viruses and bacteria will be left behind.

In any form, sewage is dangerous, but if it is visible, always stay clear and call a professional such as Core24 Services. We specialize in environmental hazardous cleanup services for homes and businesses. Sewage can be a major disaster that can be very hazardous to your well being. For more information on sewage cleanup services, give us a call or check out our other blogs!

Water Damages and Your Property

Water Damages and Your Property

Water damages can occur for various reasons and can cause a wide array of problems for you and your property. From mold damages to structural problems, water damages can cause severe issues. Below, Core24 Services will discuss what causes water damages and what you can do to prevent them from occurring.

How Do Water Damages Occur?

Water damages can occur from many different problems. Some of those include:
• Broken or Leaky Pipes
• Storm Damages
• Flooding
• Sewage Backups

If you have any type of water damages to your property, it is crucial that you call a professional cleanup company such as Core24 Services. Water can seep into areas where you cannot see it. Areas inside of walls, beneath carpets, and in crawlspaces are common for water damages. If you do not have the proper equipment to find water behind surfaces, it will not dry. Once this occurs, you will have mold growth. Mold can cause a host of problems that is not only hazardous to your health but also damages the structure of your home. When handling water damages, the professionals will use pumps to pump all the existing water out, and then fans will be used to dry all areas of the home, including places that cannot be seen. Once all water is removed, water damage restoration can occur. Damaged areas will be removed and replaced. One replaced, the areas will be sprayed with special agents to ensure no mold growth will occur.

Mold growth can spread quickly throughout your property and cause severe respiratory issues. If you see any water or mold stains, you need to call a professional immediately. Mold will continue to grow and breed until it is entirely removed from the property. Mold causes structural damages and can make you ill. To avoid mold growth, call a professional for all your water damage cleanup and removal needs.

How Does Mold Grow, and What Should You Do When You Find It?

How Does Mold Grow, and What Should You Do When You Find It?

Mold is a hazardous material that can form inside your home. Mold causes respiratory illnesses and can make your family very ill. If you see water stains or have a musty smell in your home, you most likely have mold growth in your house. Below, Core24 Services will discuss the ways that mold growth occurs and how you can avoid it.

Water Damages

The main cause of mold growth is from water damages. If you had flooding in your property that was not restored by a professional, water was likely left behind. Mold only needs a small amount of water to grow. Once mold begins to grow, it will breed quickly and spread to other parts of your home.

Humidity and Mold

Areas with high humidity can also cause mold to grow. Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most common areas to have mold growth. Parts of your home where heat and moisture occur are the perfect breeding ground for mold growth. Ensure that these areas are at a proper level of humidity to prevent mold growth.


Roof leaks or leaks from pipes that are not found quickly will allow mold to grow out of control. Many people do not notice small roof leaks or minor leaks from pipes until they begin to see mold stains and realize there is a problem.

When Is Mold a Problem?

If you have noticed mold stains or a musty smell, call a professional such as Core24 Services. Household mold is dangerous and should be removed only by professional that have the proper tools for safe and thorough mold removal. Mold and the affected areas must be fully removed and replaced. Once removed, the area must be cleaned and sanitized so that all mold spores are killed.

House mold is a problem that starts small, but could turn into a much bigger issue quickly. If all mold is not removed, it will begin to breed and grow out of control again. If your property does have mold stains, it is important that you call a professional to check your entire property for mold growth, as it can spread to other areas easily. If you suspect that you’ve got mold in your home, call Core24 Services to come check it out, and remove it to keep your home and family safe!


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