As a homeowner, you should be aware that dirty dryer vents are hazardous. This is because they can easily lead to a fire starting. Statistics reported by FEMA show that “failure to clean the dryer is the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires.” This accounts for 35 percent of all laundry-related fires, and leads to $35 million in damages each year, as well as an average of 5 deaths and 100 injuries.

Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Important

Because of the risks involved with not cleaning out your dryer vent, it’s a service worth looking into for your home. Not only will a professional be able to get rid of all the lint that builds up and puts you at risk of a fire, but they can also find any other problems that are wrong. You may have a safety issue going on that you are not even aware of! For example, you could have disengaged lines to the exterior, damaged or broken lines in a cavity, of issues caused by pest or animals. Having the lines checked regularly is important when they are cleaned is important because we can repair things before they go really wrong.

How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

If it’s been over a year, or you know your dryer has not been cleaned in a while, you should call us to have the dryer exhaust vents cleaned. Once a year is a good measure of time, as any longer can create dangerous levels of lint buildup. Larger sized households should have it done more often. If you can see lint behind the appliance, it gets really hot during use, or is not drying well, it could be time for a cleaning.

How To Clean Out A Dryer Vent

There are multiple methods used for dryer vent cleaning. Having multiple methods available at hand allows for most cleaning situation to be conducted.

One way is with a HEPA vacuum, special converter, brush, rod, and drill. Here at Core24 Services, we usually use this very effective technique to clean the dryer vent from inside of the home.

Reach Out Now For Dryer Vent Cleaning!

Instead of searching online for “dryer vent cleaning near me”, just reach out to the Georgetown duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning team staff at Core24 Services. We are here to help no matter what!