At Core24 Services, our goal is to use the best water damage restoration equipment for your needs. We’ll assess the water damage in your home, then bring in equipment that will dry things out so we can get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

One of the key pieces of equipment we use when we perform water damage restoration services in Georgetown, DE is the centrifugal air mover. These help us dry certain parts of your home before you begin any necessary reconstruction work.

What is a Centrifugal Air Mover?

centrifugal air movers for water damage restoration in georgetown de

A centrifugal air mover is a type of fan. It is also known as an air blower, a snout nose fan, or a carpet dryer. These fans are specifically used to get moisture out of floors and carpets quickly and efficiently. They pull in air using centrifugal force, which makes them different from a regular fan and more effective at doing this particular task.

When Do We Use a Centrifugal Air Mover?

We usually use this piece of water damage restoration equipment when your floors, specifically carpeted floors, have experienced significant water damage. Most of the time, we’ll bring in more than one centrifugal air mover and set them all up in a row on your carpet. We’ll work from one side of the affected area to another, drying the carpet as we go.

The Benefits of a Centrifugal Air Mover

Centrifugal air movers are key when we are performing water damage restoration services in Georgetown, DE. They have the ability to create a very powerful stream of air when necessary, which means that they can dry carpets faster than conventional fans can. This is key because water damage restoration needs to occur as quickly as possible after the water hits your carpet.

Centrifugal air movers are also relatively small and portable. This means that they can get into corners and areas of your carpet where we may not be able to maneuver other equipment. They allow us to dry your entire room, not just one part of it.

Contact Us for Water Damage Restoration Services in Georgetown, DE

If you need water damage restoration equipment ASAP, contact us at Core24 Services right away. We have been in this business for years, so we’ll get to you fast and assess your home’s specific needs quickly.

Once we’ve done that, we’ll work with you to develop a plan that will address the water damage that has occurred in your home. We’ll come up with a plan specific to what we found, then work to get everything back to normal as soon as we can.