change the batteries in your smoke detector

Most homes these days have smoke detectors, because these have been required by law for years. However, many homeowners don’t know that they need to test their smoke detectors and change the batteries at least once a year.

Here’s what you need to know about your smoke detectors to keep you and your family safe, no matter what happens in your home.

Our Smoke Detector Recommendations

We recommend having interconnected smoke detectors. This means that, if one smoke detector goes off, they go off throughout your entire home.

This kind of system gives people in the house more time to get out. On average, it takes people two minutes to exit a house once a detector goes off. This includes the time it takes to realize what is going on, to check the door for heat before leaving, and to grab a few key items to take with them.

Interconnected alarms can mean the difference between getting trapped in a house where there’s a fire and getting out in time.

How to Check Smoke Detector Batteries

Make sure your smoke detectors go off if there’s a fire by checking the batteries regularly. Most alarms will chirp if the battery power goes too low, but no one wants to wake in the middle of the night to that. You can just change the batteries routinely every year, or test the power.

Many alarms have a button that allows you to do this, but some require you to test the alarm. If it works, the battery is currently ok. If it doesn’t, you need to change it.

How to Change Smoke Detector Batteries

Different alarms have different batteries and ask you to change them in different ways. If you aren’t sure how to change yours, call us and we’ll help you figure it out.

On most alarms, you can twist off the bell part of the alarm or open a battery door in the side. Just swap out the battery, twist the bell back on or close the door, and your alarm should be ready to go.

Test Your Smoke Detectors in Georgetown, DE

On many systems, testing a smoke detector is as easy as pressing a button on the side. However, some systems have an app that lets you test it, while others have other mechanisms.

At Core24 Services, we would be happy to help you test your smoke detectors in Georgetown, DE. We’ll make sure your system is working, fix any problems we find, and only leave when we can assure that your alarms are in good shape and will do their job if you need them.