Emergency Water Damage Restoration, Mold Restoration & Duct Cleaning. We’re Here When You Need Us.

wes- core24 services

When you call us with an emergency, you get a Core24 Services employee everytime, any day, any hour. Not an operator. During business hours this is a given with almost every company, but at 3 am, now that’s a different story altogether. When calling Core24 Services in the middle of the night you get someone who lives by a set of core values. Someone who is already waiting for the call. Waiting to help as soon as the call comes in. 

Lead Technician

Directly after receiving your call and getting your information to respond, an on call Lead Technician is contacted. This individual is also waiting for the call. They already know, water never stays where it belongs on a Friday night. 

All vehicles and equipment are ready to go 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Once the call comes in, we gather info and leave as soon as humanly possible. Not allowing for anymore damage to take place. You see, our goal is to respond as fast as possible to prevent further damage. 

We’re Here For You, 24/7

No midnight operators, no weekend robotic communication, no info gathering workforce. You get us, the ones on the way, the ones already ready, the ones trained and prepared for this. 

Our process is simple, but effective. Why? Because we all know it’s coming. Communication and perceived expectations allow us to move quickly and effectively. During business hours we allow for enough resources  to handle the next problem someone may have.