When water damage affects your home you should call a professional. If you aren’t ready to yet, please remember these few tips:

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  1. Remember Safety First!: 

    Establish the source of contamination
    Remember water and electricity don’t mix, be careful!
    Wear proper PPE
    Check for lead or asbestos present (common in homes built prior to 1980)
    Watch for tripping hazards 

  2. Record the Damage:

    Take photographs of the damaged contents or affected building materials 
    Take detailed notes with the date and time of water damage
    Use emails to communicate with your insurance company, not just phone calls

  3. Notify Your Insurance Company:

    Document all conversations through email to establish a timeline
    Make sure to meet in person with the adjuster
    Supply documentation of the water damage to the insurance company
    BEWARE of bad faith adjusting!

  4. Give Time to Dry:

    Remove coverings to address saturation on materials such as carpet
    Introduce adequate air flow to the wet areas
    Add dehumidification device
    Monitor wet areas with a moisture meter

  5. Watch For Mold!

    Mold loves damp areas, if you suspect any mold, call a professional!
    If you do see mold, remove any airflow from the area to prevent spreading
    Section off and quarantine the moldy area
    Dry clean, and spot treat with a mild detergent if necessary

  6. Call A Professional for Water Damage Repairs:

    Find a reliable and trusted contractor who can perform water damage restoration safely and thoroughly
    Know your insurance policy and your insurance policy limits
    Once you’ve chosen your water damage restoration company, make sure they can perform mold remediation
    Make sure everything is clean, and stay strong through the process

Remember to call a professional if you have any questions or concerns, like Core24 Services of Georgetown, Delaware. 

Phone number: 833-Core24