DIY water damage restoration Georgetown DE

When water damage affects your home, you should always consider calling a professional. If you choose to handle some of it yourself, make sure to follow these guidelines to ensure it is done right and that you protect yourself as well as your home.

Make Sure You Are Safe

Take time to ensure that you are not putting yourself at risk at all. Wear proper PPE attire. Put any contaminated items in one area, and check for the presence of mold or asbestos. Make sure that there is no electricity where the water damage is, and check for any tripping hazards.

Take Record Of The Damage

Make sure to photograph any damage contents or damaged parts of your property, for insurance purposes. Snap as many photos as you can of affected areas, and take detailed notes with date and time of the events. This will save you a lot of time and struggle later on with your insurance company.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Make sure that all of your communications with insurance are well documented, through email or by letter. Make sure to meet with the adjuster and ask them all the question you have. Give them your list and photos of the water damage, and make sure to double check that they are not ripping you off.

Work On Getting Things Dried Out

Remove any coverings to address saturation on the carpet. Introduce air flow and dehumidification efforts to the wet areas, and monitor it with a moisture meter until you are sure the area is dry enough.

Keep An Eye Out For Mold Growth

If you notice any mold or suspect that mold may be growing in the water-logged areas, call a professional. Section off the affected area, and try to dry and clean it as best you can, until an expert can come in and remediate it.

Hire For Water Damage Repairs

Start by finding a reliable contractor that will work with your insurance policy and within your insurance policy limits. Work with the team to make your selections, and they will go in and repair everything, making it good as new.

Remember to call a professional water damage restoration company in Georgetown like those on staff at Core24 Services if you have any questions or concerns about water damage at your property