At Core24 Services, we promise to use high-quality water damage restoration equipment every time you call us out on a job. We’ll assess which water damage restoration services in Georgetown, DE you need, then get to work. It won’t be long before your home is dried out and back to normal.

Rescue mats are one piece of equipment we use frequently. Here’s what you should know about these before we use them in your house.

What is a Rescue Mat?

rescue mat water extraction mat for water damage restoration georgetown de

A rescue mat, also called a water extraction mat or a drying mat, is a key piece of hardwood floor drying equipment. If there’s water that has soaked into your hardwood floors, we may be able to remove it with these mats.

Drying mats for hardwood floors make a seal with your floor, then work to pull water out of the wood. A hose connected to the mats moves the water to a safe location, like a bucket, which we can empty later.

When Do We Use Water Extraction Mats?

We use rescue mats as part of our hardwood floor drying equipment when water has soaked into a hardwood floor. As long as the water has not dried yet, we can use the mats to get it out.

Sometimes, we have to use several or a whole series of mats, especially if a large area of floor has been affected by water. We can connect the hoses on these so they work more efficiently together.

What are the Benefits of Using Drying Mats for Hardwood Floors?

Water extraction mats are pieces of water damage restoration equipment that may be able to save hardwood floors. We know that hardwood floors are expensive to put in and to keep in good condition, so we’ll do whatever we can to save your floors, even if they get flooded.

Get Your Floor Dry Today!

When you need water damage restoration services in Georgetown, DE, contact us at Core24 Services right away. We will bring the latest in water damage restoration equipment, including drying mats for hardwood floors.

Armed with these and other pieces of hardwood floor drying equipment, we will do whatever it takes to get rid of the water in your home and restore it to its former glory. Call us now, or whenever your home suffers water damage. We’ll get there fast and clean it up ASAP