Sewage is an extremely dangerous environmental hazard. Sewage backups can occur from a variety of causes, but the most common are a clogged or full septic systems, flooding, or clogged toilets. Sewage is rated in levels, but all sewage is hazardous to your health when it comes down to it. While clear water from your toilet may seem harmless, it can still contain viruses and bacteria.

Sewage Inside Your Home

If you have sewage inside the home, it is crucial that you remove your family and pets from the area. Even if the sewage has no smell and looks harmless, it can still make you incredibly ill. Core24 Services has the proper licenses and equipment to remove sewage from your property safely. We also have cleaning tools to ensure all bacteria and viruses are removed from the inside of your property.

Exterior Sewage

Sewage that is on the exterior of your home is often called raw sewage. This sewage will have a terrible smell and usually be brown or another darker color. This sewage is very dangerous. Sewage that is coming directly from your septic tank or broken sewage line contains viruses, bacteria, and pathogens that can cause illnesses. When dealing with exterior sewage, always call a certified professional. They have tools and equipment to remove the sewage and properly clean the area. If the sewage is not entirely removed and the area cleaned, viruses and bacteria will be left behind.

In any form, sewage is dangerous, but if it is visible, always stay clear and call a professional such as Core24 Services. We specialize in environmental hazardous cleanup services for homes and businesses. Sewage can be a major disaster that can be very hazardous to your well being. For more information on sewage cleanup services, give us a call or check out our other blogs!