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When you look for water damage restoration services in Georgetown, DE, you want to find a company that uses quality water damage restoration equipment. This gives your project a higher chance of success and means that water will be removed from your home quicker and easier than might otherwise be true.

At Core24 Services, we use the best water damage restoration equipment around. Sometimes, this includes trailer-mounted industrial heaters.

What is a Portable Indirect Fired Heater?

A portable indirect fired heater, also called a trailer mounted heater or an indirect fired air heater, is a heater that we can bring with us from job to job. We tow it around on a trailer, then set it up outside structures that have suffered water damage.

Indirect fired heaters allow us to add heat to a situation without needing to ventilate the areas. No fuel or fuel byproducts are introduced into the areas we are heating, so we can use the heat to speed drying without contaminating the area further.

When Do We Use Indirect Fired Air Heaters?

Trailed mounted heaters are useful in a number of drying situations. Because heat speeds drying, they are key anytime an area needs to be dried quickly. While we won’t use them when we are still trying to extract water, we will utilize them when it’s time to dry things out.

What are the Benefits of a Trailer Mounted Indirect Fired Heater?

In addition to not adding any further pollutants to the air, trailer-mounted industrial heaters are simple to set up. We can use an indirect fired air heater wherever we need to use it, simply by driving up and powering the heater.

They also don’t require ventilation. If they did, we wouldn’t be able to use our portable indirect fired heaters in any enclosed spaces, which includes many rooms that have suffered water damage.

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If you need water damage restoration services in Georgetown, DE, contact us at Core24 Services today. We’ll bring the best of our water damage restoration equipment with us, including a trailer-mounted industrial heater if that’s what your project needs.

Our team won’t rest until your space is dried out, cleaned up, and back to normal for you again. Call now to get a water damage specialist on the job at your place soon!