Water Damage to Hardwood Floor – Elevated Reading

Equipment Seen on a Water Damage or Mold Remediation Job

Can bring about some questions. Does that read for mold? What time do I turn off the equipment? And, how do you know when its dry? If you could see yourself asking questions to better understand what’s going on in your home during a time like this, then this blog is for you.
In this blog we will view 3 different types of equipment we use on almost every job. Two of which go hand and hand, the moisture meter and hygrometer. We will also show you and talk a little about the air scrubber. Stay tuned for future blogs, including other types of equipment used in the field. Enjoy!!!

The Moisture Meter & Hygrometer Intro…

When it comes to moisture on a water loss, we want to focus on both the liquid and gas phases. The instruments to use in our industry to detect such moisture are the Moisture Meter and Hygrometer. Moisture can be found nearly everywhere, including materials considered dry. Having control of the moisture is very important during a water loss to effectively dry the structure. Elevated moisture above a certain percentage can lead to secondary damage. The moisture meters and hygrometers displayed in the photos are listed below the photos.

More of our everyday equipment will be featured in a future post, stay tuned.