Water is known to cause significant damages to properties. Water can spread quickly to other areas of your home or business, wreaking havoc as it goes. Water damages can occur from storm damages, faulty appliances, and plumbing problems. When it comes to water damages, it is crucial that you contact a water removal company such as Core24 Services quickly. Our team provides 24/7 emergency services for businesses and homes with water damages. Before water removal begins, an inventory will be taken of the affected area. This is crucial for insurance claims. If items were damaged during the water damages, they would be removed to ensure they are dried and cleaned correctly.

Water Removal and Cleanup

Water damage restoration is completed in processes. During the first part, water is removed from the area with large pumps. Once water is removed, the drying process begins. This process is one of the most important, as all water must be dried to ensure mold does not grow. Air movers and dehumidifiers are the most common types of equipment we use for this process. At times we will use a heat-drying system to circulate heated air. The drying process can take some time, depending on the amount of water damages that have occurred. Once the drying is completed, the area will be checked with infrared equipment that can see water beneath floors and between walls. This is a crucial part, as all water has to be removed. Even a drop can cause structural rot and possible mold growth.

Water Restoration Process

Once the area has been thoroughly dried, we will clean the area with antimicrobials. This is completed so that no mold grows and that area is disinfected and safe for people to return to the area. Bacteria, fungus, and viruses can grow if the area is not treated properly. Once the area is treated any repaired can occur to any damaged walls or flooring.
Core24 Services also provides carpet cleaning in the event your carpet becomes wet from water damages. Cleaning wet carpet is a major process that can take time to complete. If you have recently experienced water damages, give Core24 Services a call. Our team is certified and licensed to provide complete water damage cleanup and water damage restoration services to both residential and commercial properties.