Long Neck Mold Removal

Do you think you smell mold or see it in your Long Neck property? Do you have symptoms of mold-related illness but you don’t see any mold? Core24 offers black mold removal services and will help us find out exactly where the mold is in your house so we can get rid of it fast. Call us now to get started!

Mold Testing

Even if you can see your mold, we may need to test a sample. Different types of mold can involve different removal procedures, and our experts will want to know exactly what they are dealing with. Black mold removal, for instance, can involve different cleaning agents than other types of mold removal. The results from your mold testing in will be back fast, and then we can start your mold remediation right away.

Mold Remediation

Our process for black mold removal and other mold removal in Delaware usually works as follows.

mold removal long neck de
  • We will contain your mold so it doesn’t spread any farther. We may set up physical barriers, like plastic sheets, or even use negative air chambers to contain your mold. Our team will work with the HVAC system turned off because it can be a major mold spreader.
  • We’ll filter the air in your home. We have advanced air scrubbers that capture your air, remove mold on a microscopic level, then release clean air back into your home. This ensures that your mold problem doesn’t come back after we’re done.
  • We’ll remove all materials affected by mold. This can include drywall, wooden beams, flooring, subfloor materials, and more. If it has been affected by mold, we’ll get it out of your home so the mold doesn’t spread any farther.
  • We’ll clean your home. We’ll treat all of your affected belongings to get rid of mold on or in them. This can include furniture, clothing, curtains, walls, decorations, and more. As long as it is restorable, we will eliminate the mold. Our treatment process also gets rid of any moldy odors that might otherwise linger.
  • Our team will restore your home. Some porous items, like drywall or subfloors, will need to be replaced rather than cleaned. This can involve quite a bit of reconstruction on some projects.

Long Neck’s Mold Professionals

Mold removal can feel overwhelming but the Core24 experts will take your stress away. Get our experienced team working on your mold removal or black mold removal today so you can make sure your home is safe again soon. Call now and we’ll be there soon to get things completed and do your mold remediation in Long Neck.