Middletown Mold Remediation

wall covered in mold middletown md

If you have a mold problem, you need mold experts to get rid of it the right way, the first time. Call us at Core24 Services today and we’ll start your mold remediation in Middletown right away. Our team will work fast to get rid of your home and restore your home to its former glory as soon as we can. We know you want to get your life back to normal so that’s our goal, too!

Middletown Mold Inspections and Testing

Every time we come out to do mold removal in Middletown, we actually start with testing. We visually inspect your home for signs of mold. This may include looking above your ceiling, behind your walls, and more.

We will also test for mold, so we can determine where it might be present even if you’re not seeing it yet. We test for spores, so we can determine what areas need extra cleaning and treatment to avoid future mold issues.

Mold Removal and Remediation Middletown

Once we know the extent of your home’s mold issue, we’ll start your mold removal in Middletown. We’ll clean what we can, making sure we use powerful cleaners that will kill even the mold you can’t see. We may also need to remove items from your home or parts of your home, if they can’t be cleaned and restored in place.

Next, we’ll proceed with your mold remediation in Middletown by repairing your home and replacing things that cannot be cleaned or fixed. We may need to redo your floors, for instance, to make sure you don’t have any mold left in your house when we’re done

Middletown Black Mold Removal

If you have black mold, don’t panic. Our team can take care of your black mold removal in Middletown, too. We have special gear that allows us to work in areas with black mold without inhaling the spores, and we know how to section off parts of your home affected by mold so the spores don’t travel.

Then, we’ll clean the areas affected by the mold and replace, repair, or restore any parts of the home that have been damaged or that can’t be cleaned. Once your black mold removal in Middletown is complete, we’ll get out of your way so you can get back to normal.

Call us at Core24 Services today for all of your needs surrounding mold removal and mold remediation in Middletown!